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Commuity Walk-through Friday (5/4) 8-10 p.m.


Volunteers Needed for BLAST Weekend

Many helpers are needed as chaperones beginning late Friday night (5/4) and for cleanup on Saturday morning (5/5) for the HHS PTSA After-prom BLAST. Can you help?

Chaperones are needed from midnight Friday until 5 a.m. Saturday morning, please sign up on the chaperone's list.

If you wish to help remove all decorations on Saturday morning, please sign up on the volunteer list. Saturday morning is a great opportunity for younger students to get involved. If your student is in a service club or a scout troop that records volunteer hours, a verification letter will be given to them when they sign out.

We can't do this without you!

The After-prom BLAST is …

To keep our kids safe after the senior prom, the PTSA hosts a fabulous overnight event with food, games, music, movies and more. This is not just for parents of seniors. We hope that you will help this year and every year until your son or daughter is a senior. Give us 2 hours or more. The cafe needs help in the weeks before the BLAST as well; watch our page for details starting in October.

Reimbursement & Deposit Forms

Need to be reimbursed for BLAST expenses? Have funds to deposit?

Please download, print and complete the check-request form or the deposit form to submit along with receipts or checks.

What is the BLAST?

The Best and Last of All Senior Times is an HHS & PTSA sponsored event held after the senior prom. When talking to parents and community members we try not to call it a “party.” Google the phrase “prom night tragedy” … that’s why we have a BLAST. It has to be spectacular to be more fun than a 2 a.m. drive to the Poconos or the Jersey shore. Producing a spectacular event year after year takes money and even more volunteers.

The BLAST is open to all seniors, regardless of whether they attend the prom, and any prom guests. As the name implies, it is an opportunity for seniors to celebrate their school years together in a safe, supervised environment.

What do students do at the BLAST?

Kids attending BLAST can choose from:

How is the BLAST funded?

The BLAST is largely funded by large and small fundraising efforts all year long. We request a nominal donation from the families of senior students. We receive donations of cash, goods and services from local businesses. We apply for grant money. And we solicit donations during the community walkthrough that precedes the students’ arrival.


BLAST Volunteers Needed:

We need:
Fundraisers for $ and prizes
Casino Dealers
Fortune Tellers
Servers for the Coffee House
Clean-up Crew

BLAST organizers will put any talent to good use. If you're interested in helping in any way, contact blast@hhsptsa.org.

Can't give time? Donations always accepted through Pay Pal.

   B.L.A.S.T. after-prom donation:    BLAST Donations

Contact us: ptsa@hhsptsa.org

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